Posted by: rmscomilla | November 29, 2009

Reconnected in Oxford

This morning I rang my RMS class mate Niaz Pasha (people can remember Niaz as dining prefect, obviously for right reasons!!) to exchange Eid greetings. After usual pleasantries he told me that Tarek is now in Oxford, this was good surprise as just last week I met Tarek in a social gathering in Oxford but he was introduced as Dr Hafiz T A Khan. Both of us changed physically (with grayer hair and aging faces etc) and indeed are in different profession. We had a long chat at the event as well our spouses also had good chat also. Tarek is an academic with Oxford and Middlesex University and I ranĀ  my management consultancy in London helping international aid agencies. Just shortening my conversation with Niaz, I immediately rang TarekĀ  and we are instantly now connected. Though, I have lots of friend from Bangladesh from various sphere of life but this is first time I met someone UK or anywhere outside Bangladesh from my RMS.

It was really good feeling, why don’t you share your one and would love hear from you.

Golam Morshed, London